1. Smart Lightings All Throughout

With smart lighting in your house, be prepared to host all sorts of parties and gatherings. Smart lightings provide an appealing look to any part of your home – Yes, even your toilet. These lights can all be controlled simply from just one central remote, your phone, and even through voice activation with your google home. 

That’s right, there are smart lights like Nagki’s Smart Bulb that can connect to your existing smart products without hassle. In addition to the easy set ups, smart lightings stray away from traditional lightings and provide a full range of colors just from the bulb – plenty enough to turn your house into a hotspot for you and your friends to chill.

  1. Smart Meters

A simple but much needed invention that everyone needs – including YOU. Smart meters are functioned to help you gain insight to your home’s water, electricity and gas usage. You might just be thinking that these insights do nothing but make your knees weak from the huge amount of finance you’re losing each month.

Just think about it, with insight to your usage you will know exactly where money is being wasted. With smart meters, it’ll be easy for you to make the much needed changes to save the burning hole in your wallet. You could schedule when the water heater turns on with the smart app, or even create master switches to turn off all appliances when you leave the house. Furthermore, with the amount of money you will be saving from this feature, who knows what other upgrades you can make to elevate your lifestyle. Remember, the sky’s the limit.

  1. Security 24/7

When we talk about security, we ain’t playing. Smart homes make use of smart security cameras and smart intercom doorbells to ensure your house stays trouble free.

Here’s 3 kinds of security emphasised with a Smart Home:

Your Security

Worried that someone might break into your house while you’re asleep? The smart home systems will keep you safe and automatically locks the door once it’s closed. Meanwhile, the motion sensors will alert your phone when motion is detected to make sure you’re fully aware of your home traffic at all times.

Let’s not forget, scams are all over the world these days and come in way too many forms for you to identify. With a smart intercom doorbell, you can make sure that the said ‘delivery man’ or ‘guest’ is really who they say to be through a screen that shows exactly who is at the door before letting them into your home.

Home Security

We all know how it feels to second check whether windows and doors are closed after leaving the house in a hurry. With a smart home, there’s no need to waste time and energy sprinting back to check anymore. Simply whip out your phone and check if your window is closed and lock your door while you’re already on the bus to a friend’s gathering.

House invasions and burglary will be the least of your worries with a smart home set in place. 

Fire Security

You read that right. Smart homes comprise smart fire and smoke alarms as well.Too lazy to check your phone even after installing the smart home app? Worry not, let your smart alarm do the job for you. When smoke is detected, the fire and smoke alarm will not only sound to alert those at home but it will send a notification to your phone as well to keep you informed of the activity going on at home.

Even if it’s not for security, you could always save yourself from embarrassing moments from happening by checking how messy your house is before agreeing to your friend’s self invites. The possibilities with a smart home system are endless.

With so many smart home benefits, how could one simply resist purchasing?