What exactly are lights?

We turn them on and off. They help us to see in the dark and better during the day. But it’s time we acknowledge the importance of light in our lives. 

Lights are no longer just a utility for your home, but a lifestyle you choose. It provides the perfect ambience for all sorts of experiences in your home. It’s an aesthetic that elevates your day to day living. With lights, you could create a warm hue for family gatherings, create conversation for festivities and even set the perfect mood for a date night.

Now, imagine how much more convenient it would be with smart lights.

It’s not just another old bulb waiting for it’s fuse to blow. With smart lighting, it’s more.

  1. Voice Your Illumination

With smart lighting like Nagki’s Ki Light, you will be able to gain hands free control of all the lights in your home. Link the lights in different parts of your home to your existing smart home hub and you’ll never have to lift a finger again. Provide commands that come to your mind and it’ll all happen at the speed of light. 

It sounds pretty cool, but it’s more practical than anything. Imagine carrying arms full of groceries, or being in the perfect position in bed. There’s a million situations you would find yourself in where smart lights would be the perfect solution for you.

  1. Master Of All

Not an owner of a smart home hub? We’ve got you covered.

App Control

Everyone’s got a smartphone, I know you do. Simply download an app and link the smart lights in your house to it. You can now easily control the smart lights in your house anywhere you go – your office, the mall – you name it.

Remote Control

With a remote like Nagki’s Link Switch, you’d wish you could control your kids with it.

A simplistic design with 4 buttons, each with 3 functions, providing you with a total of 12 actions with just one product. You could fit this lightweight design into your purse and even your pocket at times and control your lights anywhere you are. 

Nothing could beat this switch at multitasking.

Sensor Control

Motion sensors like Nagki’s Ki Motion Sensor are now all the rage with home automation – and it’s for a good reason. Imagine having your lights on the moment you open your door, when you enter a room. No more forgetful days where you leave the light on while you’re out. 

Impress your guests with this feature:

  • Have the lights welcome them as they enter your home
  • Toilet lights to automatically on when the guests enter
  • Staircase lights to light the way as you give your guests a tour

With smart lights, you’re one step closer to being in control of your life.