Turn On Intelligent Living

Home automation takes comfort to the next level, allowing you to control your television, music system, X-Box, air-conditioner or shades wirelessly from a single universal remote. What’s more? You can even create intelligent scenes to automate routine tasks and instantly switch activities at your fingertips.

Easy Integration and Configuration

Get rid of individual remotes to control separate appliances. Integrate and Control devices across brands and applications under a single remote or smartphone for one-touch control.

Create Intelligent Scenes and Schedules

Creating scenes and set schedules to trigger multiple devices at a time during specific time of the day. Let your home welcome you after a busy day at work.

Effective Audio distribution in all rooms

Connect all your speakers across rooms to play the same music or stream different music in each room as per your convenience and need.

Easy Integration of Devices for One-Touch Control

Get rid of using separate remote for each of your home appliances. Integrate several devices like music player, ACs, TVs, Lights etc. and control it with a single remote and easy-to-use smartphone app.

Trigger multiple devices at a time by creating scenes that suits your daily routine or some special occasions. Schedule events, set timers and make all your smart home devices work perfectly the way you want.

Immersive Smart Home Audio Experience

Stream your favourite playlists and tracks directly from your smartphone to all the wireless Hi-Fi Sound Speakers and create the best audio experiences for yourself. Integrate speakers to play the same music across every room of your home or play different tracks for different speakers.

Easy to use app helps in faster pairing, smooth streaming and easy control.

Control Your Smart Home

Take your Home Automation experience to a whole new level with the Echo. Amazon Echo adds the interactive and responsive feature to your hoe automation wherein you can actually to the devices in the home and get things done.

Once you have paired your Echo with other third party devices like SmartThings, LIFX or Philips Hue, just ask “Alexa” to operate your lights, fans, switches etc.

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