Your Security Is Our Top Priority

Home Invasions. Kidnapping. Daylight Robbery.

These could all easily happen in your own backyard – Your Home.

The world is now so closely connected ever since our advancement with technology. You could be in two places at once, interact with friends a million miles away.
It’s all possible now, amazing isn’t it?

But this also means that you’re now more vulnerable than ever.
While you’re distracted by all this technology, someone could easily creep through the window you left open. Too bad your phone doesn’t receive split second notifications for that unlike your texts on Telegram – or so we thought.

Moving on to Phase Two

So now your only point of entry is safe, what’s next?

Even though your door should be your only point of entry, we know it’s not the only possible one. Security cameras around the house may sound too much, but nothing is too much when it comes to your safety.

With security cameras like Nagki’s Ki Camera, you will be able to keep tabs on all activity within and even right outside your home while you’re away. Turn on your mobile phone and take as many regular checks and even set up an alarm system to go with if you’d like. These security cameras not only allow you to check for intruders but also your family’s activities at home.

Day or night, these cameras will be able to give you a clear 360 view. Yep, you’ll be able to pan and tilt these cameras. If you’re aware of the activities that happen while you’re away, you could even schedule the motion of the camera throughout the day to get you the footage you need.

Let’s not forget that sometimes the people you want to be careful of are the ones closest to you.

New friends(?)
It’s the first week of school and your daughter decides to bring some new friends over. Tune in to your security feed to ensure your daughter’s safety, and of course the other valuables are safe where they are.

Perhaps a member of your family has been under tremendous stress lately and is taking time off to rest at home. Tune in to your security feed to make sure they’re resting properly and not behaving in foolish activities that could possibly end their life.

We all have them, and there’s not much we can do while we’re away. But now through the security feed, you can make sure that they’re safe. If you sense something off through the security feed, you would know to make a call back home or to a helpline within a split second. You could even make use of the two way audio to communicate with them to check on their condition.

Home Sweet Home

We’ve been talking about how to ensure safety in different situations while you’re away. But what about while you’re home?

Nagki’s Ki Doorbell and Intercom System allows you to identify who is at your door before you open it. Be able to avoid the right people on days you just don’t feel like having to entertain whoever comes to your door. Or maybe you aren’t dressed the best for a face to face interaction? The intercom system will allow you to hold clear conversations without having to open the door at all.

Here’s more cases on how these features keep you safe:

Delivery Services
Check through the intercom to ensure that the delivery man actually has the right package to deliver if you’re in doubt before opening the door.

Stalker Alert
Turn unwanted guests away without opening the door after checking the security cameras. Make use of the intercom system to make sure your message is heard loud and clear. Your guest won’t even know which part of the house you’re talking from.

There’s so many ways and so many situations in which you can fully utilise these features to keep you and your family safe. What are you waiting for?

Start your journey to safety with us.

You will need a form of security for your home. Items such as digital door lock or camera is a norm in this IoT age