All this talk about smart home technology makes you wonder just how much money you have to spend and how much electricity you’re wasting doesn’t it?

Little did you know, a huge benefit of a smart home is not just it’s convenience but it’s ability to conserve energy too. With a smart home, being eco-friendly is completely effortless.

  1. Tracking Electricity & Planning Ahead

Smart products like Nagki’s Ki Socket and Prism Socket track it’s electricity usage. You’ll be receiving real time updates from these products on your mobile app. With this data, you can track and plan out your electricity usage according to your daily routines which means that you can conserve energy even while you’re not home! 

Say goodbye to overworked air conditioners and burnt out lightbulbs. With the electricity schedule in the household all planned out, having to remember to turn off switches will be the least of your worries. Apart from your usual routine, you can even make one time changes on special days where you have other plans made. These smart products will cater to each and every one of your needs.

  1. Forget Me Not

We all love automation but there are still days when we forget that we have an appointment that defers us from our normal schedule. Worry not, with a touch on the mobile app you will be able to carry actions while you’re away. You’ll be able to turn off lights, air conditioners, fans and more with a simple touch of your screen. 

Have the ability to create different sets of master switches on your phone to save you time from having to turn on switches one by one. Feel free to create master switches for kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms. You can even create them based on different needs – water supply, air conditioners, fans etc.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to conserving electricity in your home.

  1. Stay in Motion

However, say you aren’t the type to schedule your days beforehand. We have a solution for you too. Motion sensors like Nagki’s Ki Motion Sensor can be placed in locations like doors and windows – honestly anywhere you need it. Everytime you leave your room, kitchen, or house, the motion sensor senses it and automatically turns off all the electricity in the room unless you scheduled otherwise beforehand.

This feature saves electricity by turning off all appliances whenever it senses the owner leave. The appliances will only turn back on when someone enters the room, or a switch is pressed. With a smart home, it is easy being eco-friendly at your convenience.

Do your part for our earth and hop on this eco-friendly trend today.