Today, we can’t deny the fact that climate change is a serious issue that is bringing about many unwanted inconveniences in our lives. Sometimes we hope that there was one simple solution to end these frustrations.

Now, with SmartSensorHome – there is.

We engage with Nagki’s Temperature Sensor and Ki Controller to make the magic work.

What’s more important than comfort?

You might be wondering how a temperature sensor could improve your life – financially. Imagine receiving live statistics on the temperature in different parts of your house, and getting notifications whenever it gets too hot or too cold in your room. You’ll be able to determine the climate in your house as and when you like. 

With worsening climate change, the daily weather is bound to be unpredictable. Have the ability to pre schedule the heating and cooling within your house weeks beforehand, and feel free to override the schedule say you have last minute visitors.

You can now look forward to coming home to rooms and floors kept warm just the way you like it. No more cold floors and overheated rooms.

Always one step ahead in financial planning

Now that you’re fully aware of your home’s temperature with the help of Nagki’s Temperature Sensor and Ki Controller, here’s how else it can help you – financially. Who wouldn’t want to save cost when given the opportunity?

Those days where you waste money due to over usage of aircons and heaters are over. Gain control of where your money goes and reduce usage whenever you deem fit. With the sensors, your aircon will automatically reduce the usage whenever you leave the house and only turn back on when you’re back.

An increase in comfort while reducing your cost. What better way is there to elevate your lifestyle and enjoy it to the absolute best?

Only the best for you.